5 Tips to Make Food More Fun Today

For me, I became so disconnected from what I was eating, I didn’t pay attention to what my body wanted. I’d just indulge in whatever I was craving and still wouldn’t be satisfied. Stepping back + Listening to what was really going on inside me, I was able to make food choices that i was more aligned with + actually made me feel better about what i was eating. Food started to lose its control over me.

changing our relationship with food doesn’t happen overnight. Having a joyful relationship with food is an act of self-care that honestly a lot of us aren’t use to. showing myself kindness around food has been a journey that I’m still working on. But one thing that doesn’t work is beating myself up about “bad” food choices. We instinctively know what we need + want and it takes practice to tune in to that voice. The more you practice the better you get. being your own cheerleader is super important.

We take food so seriously and it’s suppose to be fun. That’s why I’m such a big advocate for playing with your food. creating beautiful food isn’t hard and doesn’t have to be saved for dinner parties. we all deserve to create + explore our food and make it a practice in fun. you can make it a special time just for you or involve the whole family. The point is, throw all the rules out the window and just have fun with what you’re eating, you’re going to sh*t it out anyways.

This ties into tip #3, But is a little more expansive. Being curious about our food helps us to deepen our relationship with what we’re eating and in turn deepen our relationship with ourselves. Curiosity opens up the door to possibilities and has the potential to create excitement around meal time. Trying new foods, exploring new flavors or asking yourself where did this come from can help open up our minds + enrich our eating experiences. This is really how I came to love creating with food.

This is probably my favorite tip. We’re bombarded by so much messaging that it’s hard to do anything sometimes. There are a lot of us that struggle with food in more ways than one could imagine. it seems easy to say, “oh just do this…” and your life will change, but not all of us are starting from the same place. so, if you’re not there, it’s okay. wherever you’re at is okay. This is your journey, your experience and you only need to take in the information that resonates with you. Throw the rest out the window, even these tips if they don’t align with your soul.

I can’t say this enough, you are beautiful! yes, you.

how we view food is a direct reflection of how we view ourselves, making it one of the most personal relationships we have. to heal our relationship with food is to heal ourselves which can feel overwhelming at times. so remember, you are not wrong, you are not doing anything bad, you are not cheating or indulging. you are just eating, beautiful, delicious, luxurious, mouthwatering food made to nourish your body + help you to thrive, because you deserve it.

At the heart of it all in the age of outrage + injustice

featured photo by Austin Chan | @austin.chan

Photo by Fabian Moller | @fabimoe

Black lives do matter. They are not a pawn for your political gain. They are not a vote for you to buy with free stuff. They are not a headline for you to boost ratings. They are not here to make you feel like you’re on the right side of history. 

They are a group of free thinkers. Strong and empowered with limitless potential. 

Black lives have continuously been used by certain political parties, wolves in sheep’s clothing, to create distraction in our country. Cast in the role of victim + stripped of their dignity by the very people who say they are there to help them. A poorly disguised power grab for profit. The rest of us? Our good nature is preyed upon, creating guilt + shame if we do not pander to this message as we are made fearful of being called a racist. They are good at what they do and prey on your good natured intentions to do their damage behind the scenes, yet so many of us are so blind to it. As we continually allow our own anger, fear, doubt, and resentment to grow from within, their darkness strengthens and their narrative becomes normalized.

It was difficult for me to get behind the current mainstream + social media headlines of Black Lives Matter. It’s not that I disagree with the statement, but I am very aware of how a portion of our society moves consistently from topic to topic in the name of outrage and injustice and it just seems disingenuous and honestly feels like a complete distraction to the work that needs to be done on an individual level.

Everyone is responsible for every single choice they make in their lives and are the authors of their journey in this physical body here on Earth. It’s our responsibility to continually step back and question what is going on. Questions like, Who benefits from all this anger + division? Why am I really feeling what I feel? Am I looking outside myself for answers? If left unchecked, we carry around generations of trauma and allow it to wreak havoc for generations to come. 

How can we possibly affect any real change when our own lives are riddled with low self worth, unresolved trauma, guilt + shame? It feels like we are just yelling at each other to be better and to do better without taking any real responsibility for how we present ourselves in the world as whole integrated humans.

Photo by John Baker | @jlondonbaker

Yes, it’s great to read a book, donate your money + time to others, peacefully protest, and share information. And although we are constantly being told at the moment that, “If you’re silent you’re part of the problem,” and “If you are neutral in times of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor,” we must stand our ground in tending to our own garden.

We will never find the answers for real change if we continue to look outside ourselves.

We have gotten in the bad habit of giving away so much of our power and our collective pain has become so normalized, that we cannot even comprehend what we are capable of. This human existence is so temporary, yet we choose to allow our egos to sit in the driver’s seat of our lives. I am seeing all these posts go around of how you can help, and every single time, although I know the intentions are mostly good, I don’t understand how they are actually helping. In my gut, it just feels so surface level in the responsibility of work that needs to be done to eradicate individual trauma and become a fully integrated human being. Something my mom always told me that often comes to mind when people are acting unkindley is, “hurt people, hurt people,” and we need to do the uncomfortable thing and look our own trauma in the face and truly begin to heal. 

When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

This is why I typically remain silent. It is not because I’m ignoring or uncomfortable with what is going on. It is because I acknowledge my own pain and need for healing, consciously choosing to focus on going within for answers. It is an uncomfortable choice to face my own pain and feel out of place when I listen to myself and move through the bombardment of shoulds + go against the grain.

Literally be the change you want to see in the world. Truly + Honestly be

But, as I raise my own vibration, I raise the vibration of others, it’s a ripple effect.